the rest of the rant – pondering persists

taxes are taking their toll on me, both literally and figuratively.  It is time to pay the piper, which begs the question, “just who is the piper and why should I pay him (or her) anything?”  Caesar is long gone and a huge bureaucracy has taken his place.  and they want my money.  for a good cause they say. . . .  but do I have a say in how they spend my money?  I think not.  I think I should.

I was closer than I knew when I referred to taxes as a toll just now.  The word toll is traceable to the Greek word, “telones”  which means, are you ready?  – tax collector!  Yes, taxes are taking their toll on me, and taxes are the toll on me.  So I continue to fight the good fight, filling out forms to be filed with other forms, until fully filled out forms are filed, filling full the file cabinets that are stored in the secret places everywhere, or until forms fill all the clouds in cyberspace, leaving no room for anything else in the cloud.  Then what will we do?

Can you run out of cloud space?  will there be no music, no photos, no art?  only forms, fully filled and filed, finding themselves filling the clouds of cyberspace.  I know space is infinite, but is cyberspace infinite? or will we eventually run out of room for all this information, taxing as it may be?  inquiring minds want to know –

well, all this pondering is allowing me to procrastinate, thus avoiding the taxing work of doing my taxes, which continue to take their toll on me at present, which is mainly my time and attention, which I would prefer to spend elsewhere.  But then, who wouldn’t?  (well maybe CPA’s? – but that’s another post all together)

so, dear readers, I will continue to rant and to rail against, well perhaps not taxes themselves, our government does do some things we need done, but more against the convoluted and crazy process of forms and figures that we must navigate in order to comply correctly with current tax law.  Tax forms are exhausting and confusing and they defy all laws of logic.

I will continue to “render unto Caesar” no matter how difficult the process; which at the moment involves multiplying line 4 by 7.5%, entering that amount on another line, subtracting that from the amount on line 10 and then entering that amount on line 17 of a completely different form, and then adding it to the amount on line 16 and then entering that amount or whichever is the lesser of that or amount “x” on yet another line of yet a different form and then . . .  well, the end is nowhere in sight but you get the idea . . .

rendering is going to take some time . . .

sincerely,        Grace Day




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