part ponder – rest rant

I find that doing my taxes is extremely taxing!  (pun intended)  this definitely qualifies as a cruel and unusual “form” of punishment.  (or punishment by multiple, menacing, meandering forms)  I am wondering, “who thinks up these forms anyway?”  They don’t make any sense and the rules keep changing.  I thought taxes was one of the two “certain” things, but there is nothing certain about tax laws and by extension, tax forms, except that they are ever changing and always confusing.

Accountants are supposed to be straight laced and straight forward.  But there is nothing straight forward about these forms!  If there were, would we need the hefty instruction manuals that accompany each form?  (now there’s an entertaining and relaxing read if you are looking for something both fun and informative)

And there are taxes for everything. There is income tax and property tax and sales tax and state tax and local tax and gas tax and capital gains tax and tax on interest income and tax on IRA distributions, etc. etc.  If the government can name it, they will claim (tax) it.

What to do?

“Jesus said, ‘Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.’ ”  (Matthew 22:21)

okay, but I’m still taxed to the max, (and I have not been lax)  just trying to figure out my tax!

sincerely,     Grace Day






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