C.C. America is . . . #224

America is a dream that became reality

an idea filled with the ideals that determine our direction

America is all the intangibles we constantly seek to touch, to embrace, to wrap around ourselves – freedom, peace, prosperity, self-determination, opportunity, hope – founded in faith, built on belief in the power of an Almighty God, America recognizes the potential and the inherent value of every human being –

Yes, America is an idea but also a place, America is a desire and a destination – America is a way of living in this world – America is more than an ethnicity, more than a skin color, more than a gender, more than a religion –

America is a harbor, a safe haven, a home for the freedom seekers of this world –

America is all sorts of people from all sorts of places, we look different, with all sorts of faces – but one vision, one dream we share – while our features may be different, our hearts are all the same – each one beating to the drumbeat of freedom’s call, drawing us together, to gain a better life for all.

America is deserts and wetlands, each teaming with life all its own – America is plains and prairies, tall mountains and deep valleys, America is great lakes and small streams, America is forests and farms, mighty metropolises and tiny towns – America is sandy beaches and rocky shoals, fields full of wheat and cities full of skyscrapers – America is cactus and giant redwoods, churches, mosques and synagogues – America is all these things and so much more –

America’s middle name is Diversity – for centuries people from all over the globe have come here, desiring to make this land their home – only a land as rich in contrasts as they themselves are could provide a home for so many and accommodate their richness of variation –

So much variation! how great our differences! – yet there is something greater than all our differences, something more powerful than anything that would separate us from each other, hopelessly dividing us – Freedom’s call is stronger , her promise so profound that men have given their lives in her pursuit in every era of human history – men have died so that those they love and leave behind might know Freedom’s presence and grow strong in her glow –

Freedom’s purpose held Washington’s men at Valley Forge – it will be Freedom’s purpose that unites us once again to save this country that once saved us and saved so many who came before – emerging bloody from a Civil War – or starved from gas chambers on foreign shores – Freedom’s fight has been waged in every generation, for Freedom’s purpose we will unite, discovering our differences are overcome or overlooked or obsolete or obliterated in our pursuit of Freedom for each other and for ourselves – either Freedom is won for all or it is lost to all –

America is Freedom’s home – where Freedom lives, puts down her roots, grows strong – we are Freedom’s caretakers, if we don’t water and protect her, she will die – if we don’t protect Freedom she will no longer be able to protect us – we have prospered long, safe under her care – but when Freedom falls who will stand in her stead defending us?

America is that city on a hill, that light of Freedom shining out into the darkness of the world – America is promise, possibility and potential – promises made, promises kept, promises yet to be fulfilled –

America is a land of law – a shared standard allowing us to live in peace and safety – the law protects Freedom – Freedom births just laws – together, reigning hand in hand, they liberate this land – law and Freedom – gifts from God –

America is my home, she has been my shelter from the tyrannies and torments of lands that are not free – America needs me in this hour, may I not fail her now, she has done so much for me –

America is a dream come true for all those who set sail – America, Hong Kong and Cuba carry your flag, hoping Freedom will prevail.

America is a land of unalienable human rights, laws that protect not enslave, truth that sets free and Freedom herself –

“Oh beautiful, for Patriot dream, that sees beyond the years, thine alabaster cities gleam, undimmed by human tears”

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He chose for His inheritance.” (Psalm 33:12)

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

sincerely, Grace Day

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