C.C. happy birthday #209

Happy Birthday U.S.A.! we celebrate your birth today – you’ve come such a long, long way, it’s fitting that we pause to pay, honor to you on this day.

A bloody birth, as all births are, from painful pangs new life emerged – a nation “conceived in liberty” came to be, a home for those who would live free.

A people no longer serving a king, now free to serve God – let freedom ring!

You are quite young, as nations go – still you have faced many a foe, in your short two-hundred forty-five years, you’ve overcome many enemies, persevering through tears –

the world watches with wonder at the gifts you give your citizens, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” you have purchased at great price for all those who call you home –

Oh, America – you shelter us from the storms of oppression and tyranny, you stand guard, that city on a hill, casting freedom’s glow for others to follow in your footsteps – if only they dared –

to pay the price of Freedom’s cost, many lives have been lost – given up for Freedom’s cause, today we celebrate and pause –

to give God thanks for His mercies overflowing, one nation under God all-knowing, blessed under His almighty hand, allowed the test of time to stand,

another birthday to commemorate, all that makes our country great! so let flags fly while fireworks fill a summer night’s sky, and let us tell our children why –

people travel across the sea, seeking life and liberty – wanting to call our country home, love her as if she were their own –

yes, let flags fly and parades pass by, and drum beats drum while choruses sing, the Star Spangled Banner is heard to ring –

across the country from every city and town, while flags are flying, fireworks falling down –

in wild arcs of color lighting up the sky, celebrating another year gone by.

remember the ride of Paul Revere, warning that danger was drawing near? – his call was heeded, the patriots prevailed – still today, as a hero he is hailed.

many more have followed in his path, protecting our nation against an enemy’s wrath. to keep this a land of the free, so many have been brave, fighting countless battles, our country they did save.

today the flags are flying over this land of the free, reminding us how precious is the gift of liberty. may I be like Nathan Hale, willing my life to spend, brave in the face of danger, willing Freedom to defend.

America, may your dream remain, the hope of so many to attain. Let all be free who enter here, may Freedom flourish another year! Let every voice be heard without fear – all equal in God’s sight, it is God who gives us our unalienable rights.

today let flags fly in celebration, like the flag at Iwo Jima, let them fly in commemoration – of tragedies and triumphs along our history’s bumpy road – always may Freedom’s story with clarity be told –

today, let the flags fly, let our banners wave – may God grant this land remain home of the free and the brave.

today, let the flags fly, let Freedom’s light burn bright – let patriotic chorus echo long into the night.

Happy Birthday U.S.A., may we celebrate and cherish you well – may we never forget your birthday, nor the story your birthday tells.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He chose for His inheritance.” (Psalm 33:12)

sincerely, Grace Day

2 thoughts on “C.C. happy birthday #209

  1. What an amazing poem you’ve written for our beloved America’s birthday! The land of the free. May it Always be!


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