I didn’t get the memo

that’s why as I write this, there are two (not one but two) plumbers in my house with all kinds of equipment, making all kinds of loud, random, overtly ominous noises, which doesn’t bode well for me, I think, nor for the possible outcomes to the plumbing health of my house.  Do loud, strident noises of all kinds mean things are going well and getting fixed or are these strange noises a harbinger of more, as yet undiscovered plumbing problems being revealed even as the current problems are being corrected.

I blame my mom.  Isn’t that what we do when we don’t know who else to blame? Blaming moms for just about everything is pretty standard practice, always has been. Actually, I think it’s an age old tradition.  So why do I think my mom is responsible for these two plumbers being here now?  It falls under the heading of “things my mother never told me”, that’s why.  She never told me not to put egg shells down the garbage disposal.  Who knew?

Well, apparently everyone else but me knew and has always known about this rule of garbage disposal etiquette.  I just never got the memo – and for that I blame my mom. Thing is, she probably warned me, I just wasn’t listening.

Some lessons are learned much later in life than others.  Now that I know not to do this, I am altering my behavior accordingly.  But I eat a lot of eggs, so I am constantly challenged to remember this new rule and to break this old habit of putting my eggshells down the garbage disposal.

Now I’m wondering what other important life memos I have missed.  Was I paying attention when mom was passing on her wisdom?  Or did I even think her wise at the time?  I thought there would always be more time with her – and then there wasn’t.  Why is that such a hard lesson for me to learn?  Do it now – don’t wait  . . .

tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, including me – that may have been one of the memos I missed along the way – but with Kobe Bryant’s unexpected death we have all received that memo again, loud and clear – unmistakable –

tomorrow is promised to no one – not even to the rich nor the famous nor the hard working nor the wise nor the wonderful –

so  . . .   “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion,”    (Hebrews 3:7-8)

“I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.”  (2 Corinthians 6:2)

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.  To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.”   (Revelation 2:7)

mom made sure I got these memos and the many more contained in God’s living word, His living love letter to me and to each and every one of us –

if I don’t want to miss any more important memos – I need to open up my Heavenly Father’s Book and read His message –

I don’t want to be saying at the end of my life – “I wish I’d known, but I never got the memo!”  

some memos are just too important to miss  . . .

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”    (John 3:16)

sincerely,           Grace Day











3 thoughts on “I didn’t get the memo

  1. I can’t seem to get passed the “don’t put eggshells down the disposal”…I thought that was acceptable!?! I think the rules changed!


  2. I had to learn the hard way concerning eggshells down my disposer too! Moreover, it was my mom who I learned this mistake from! I guess another thing to learn from error – “Make sure the one you follow is following the truth”.


  3. First, the message is wonderful! Life is so full of information, we just can’t get all the memos 🙂 I did learn many years ago not to put eggshells nor potato skins in the garbage disposal, one memo I did get, but not from my Mom. We didn’t have a garbage disposal back in the day! Anyway, tomorrow not being promised should be a daily reminder. Thank God for His only Son who guarantees me eternal life after my earthly time is done. Today IS the day of Salvation!!! Spread the Word!!!


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