wishboats on the water, candles shining on the sea –  into the darkness of the night, they float so silently.

wishboats on the water, candles glowing on a lake – into a future yet to be, our dearest dreams they take.

made of tree bark and forest things, by clumsy, childish hands – they carry the wishes of each young heart, to unknown, distant lands.

stars above are shining, like the tiny lights below – reflections on the glassy water, as we watch our wish boats go.

young girls’ voices sing sweetly, into a night so stilled – as our wishboats on the water sail silent, carrying wishes unfulfilled.

so we send them out into the world, hoping they remain afloat – they set the summer night aglow, with light from every boat.

our wishes lighting up the world in one small blaze of glory – each boat carries secret dreams, each one tells a story.

wishboats on the water, into the world we watched them go – wishboats on the water, where they landed we can’t know.

sincerely,      Grace Day



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