the “offense” of the lineman

yes, the job of the offensive lineman is to cause offense to the opponent by blocking their way, by causing them to stumble and to fall, so the opposing team can’t do harm to the fellow teammates of the offending, offensive linemen, particularly – the quarterback.   The job of the offensive lineman is to be a stumbling block to the enemy but not to those on his own team.

Paul gave the same advice in his letter to the church in Rome.  He said, “Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another.  Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way.”  (Romans 14:13)  The offensive lineman is to be a stumbling block to the opponent and in doing so, clear the way for his teammates to advance and to succeed.  He is more of a bridge than a block for those on his own team.

so should we be in our daily lives for everyone we come into contact with;  we must be not a block but a bridge . . .

Lord make me a bridge, let others walk on me – may I never be a block, though You gave me liberty

free from the law, I’m a servant of grace; but a block prevents others from seeing Your face

a bridge lays down, making a way for all; a block causes others to stumble and to fall

may I never be a stumbling block by doing whatever I can; while my brother needs a bridge to walk according to Your plan

In You, Lord, I have freedom to do so many things; help me choose to be a bridge, though I desire wings

I may help my brothers more by laying down my liberty in this life, than by standing as a stumbling block, which can only lead to strife

in my liberty let me choose – what helps my brother not to loose

his faith, his way, nor cause him doubt – that’s not what liberty’s about

this liberty Lord, You’ve given me, not just for me alone;  may I use it only if it strengthens my brother on his long journey home.

so a stumbling block upon no man’s path, may I ever be  – let me be the bridge lying down in the gap, making clear the way to Thee.

sincerely,      Grace Day

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