return and re-entry

I am back, dear readers!  (you didn’t even know I was gone, now did you?)  But I was gone bungee jumping again and my bungee held me well.  (that would be my sister, who has made this journey of the heart many times)  It is a journey that covers many miles (around 14,870 to be exact) but who’s counting?  I would love to share pictures with you all, but technology is not my ally in this endeavor.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  But often it takes a thousand words to truly tell the story of a picture.  You see, in a picture, behind every smile there are tears.  And behind those tears there are broken hearts.  And behind those broken hearts are the stories of how those hearts came to be broken.  And then follow the stories of the healing of those hearts and how they came to be healed.  This leads to the smiles in the picture and brings us full circle in the story.

Such are the stories I long to share with you as I process all that God has done in this journey that has allowed me to share in the lives of the poorest of the poor, the least of these whom Jesus loves and gave Himself for, the orphans and vulnerable children of Zambia.

“From heaven the Lord looks down, He sees all the children.”  (Psalm 33:13)

sincerely,      Grace Day

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