a whole new world, yes I have been introduced to the wonderful world of pickleball.  I have entered in and my life will never be the same.  What a game!  It’s like tennis light, ping-pong on steroids, with a bit of backyard badminton thrown in for good measure.  So a little something for everyone.  And it’s fun, which a game should be or what’s the point, right?  But  I think what I like best about pickleball is its’ name.  Although the ball is not shaped like a pickle, (because then it would not be a ball) it is green.  Maybe pickleball will become an Olympic sport?  After all, curling is an Olympic sport.  Enough said.  I rest my case.  Also, badminton and table tennis are already in the Olympics, so pickleball is a logical addition.  At any rate, I give a shout out to my new found friends in the pickleball community, and especially to my pickleball mentor (you know who you are) thanks for taking me in!  Long live pickleball!

sincerely,         Grace Day

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