Indomitable continued

I hadn’t seen her for awhile, but I don’t get to our exercise class that regularly myself, so that didn’t really tell me anything.  She was probably traveling, hiking in Montana most likely.  But when I looked over later, she was there in her usual spot.  She had slipped in unnoticed.  Something was different today, though. It wasn’t her demeanor, which was as engaged and as vibrant as usual. No, it was the portable oxygen she carried with her and was hooked up to that was new.  Still, she barely missed a beat as we went through our various routines to the music.   No mountain for this woman, merely a molehill.  No match for this indomitable spirit, no way, no how.  And I was inspired once again, on an ordinary day, going about my ordinary routine, by an extraordinary woman I am privileged to know.  Yes, yet another indomitable spirit showing the way for those of us who would live our lives with purpose and courage every day, not just now and then.

I never know when and where inspiration will strike,  how and how often it will find me.  But I am always grateful when it does.  I am grateful for every encounter that inspiration and I share, its what keeps me going.  Inspiration shows up when I least expect her,  when I’m not looking for her and when I need her most.  She takes many forms, wears many disguises. May I never fail to recognize her.

I have written about these people before in an earlier post.  There are so many stories I could not recount them all.  A younger woman with MS comes faithfully and you would never suspect this (disease) is her battle unless you got to know her.  One woman with Parkinsons came consistently for years.  She was such an inspiration, with such a sweet, strong spirit about her.  One gentleman has returned to class after heart surgery, another returned after serious injury from a bicycle accident.  This is the Indomitable spirit in action for all to see.

It is this Indomitable spirit that younger (more entitled) generations would do well to take note of and begin to emulate.  This attitude towards life pervades their thinking, is perfected in their persistence and ultimately prevails in these inspiring, indomitable lives.   They just keep on showing up, even when it is hard.  And there in lies the victory.

I’m glad they keep on showing up because I am inspired by their mere presence. I’m sure each of you, dear readers, have those people you cross paths with daily, in the course of your everyday schedule that are so much more than meets the eye.  If only you knew their stories.  (and we’ve all got one)  May you be inspired by the “Indomitables” that you are fortunate enough to encounter every day in your own lives.  God created us as so much more than just these physical bodies,  it is our spirits that shine through and connect with others.  Thank you, all you Indomitables; keep on lighting up our world and showing us how to live with patience and persistence, until God’s good purposes ultimately prevail in our lives.

“For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice (fear), but a spirit of power, of love and of self-control.”   II Timothy 1:7

sincerely,                  Grace Day





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