A Point to Ponder

Recently, as I was driving to my dentist appointment, I realized I was looking forward to it and had been all day.  It would be a break in my busy day,  my only chance to literally put my feet up for a few minutes and rest.

So my question is, if I am looking forward to my time at the dentist, what does this say about my day?  Seriously, if my dentist appointment is the high point of my day,  what does that tell me?  Is my day that bad?  Or is my dentist that good?  These are points to ponder for sure.  I’m supposed to be dreading the dentist, aren’t I?  I mean,  its not a spa, after all.

So I will give the credit to my dentist, ( really to my hygienist ) rather than the blame to my day. Not many days are bad enough to make the dentist look good all on their own.  It’s  Sheila who makes me feel welcome, comfortable, cared for and at ease when I go to the dentist.  And that is no small feat considering that the dentist is most often a dreaded and put off appointment for most everyone and considering my own personal aversion to pain and any possible discomfort.

This is truly an everyday miracle amid the mundane and I’ll give thanks for it.  They show me compassion and mercy there and the miracle occurs.  (also, that anti-anxiety gas stuff doesn’t hurt either.)  My dread is replaced with my anticipation of a relaxing respite in my day,  while getting the health care that is important and needed.

So,  a shout out to Sheila, with my thanks and gratitude, for doing more than just her job, but caring about her patients as people in the process.  And to everyone working there for creating that kind of an environment,  one we don’t necessarily expect to encounter when we enter.  Pleasant surprises are always welcome!

sincerely,                      Grace Day

ps.     they also have my all time favorite game,   ms. pac  man in the waiting room

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