I like beginnings, all beginnings.  They are so full of promise, so full of possibility, while at the same time so pristine, so free of pain.  There is something exciting and refreshing about the unknown, unspotted and unspoiled, where all options are still open and mistakes have not yet been made.  Sadness has not yet entered in.                   Beginnings are the joy of a clean slate, of a blank canvas, of a new journal waiting for that first entry, of a second chance.

Life is full of new beginnings, (although I must say, a beginning IS new simply by definition, otherwise it wouldn’t be a beginning).   A new life coming into the world, first day of a new school year, first day of a new job, the beginning of a new relationship, the beginning symbolized by a wedding, the start of summer vacation; all start out clean and clear, no doors yet closed; waiting for us to fill them with whatever we choose.

Each day is a new beginning for us, a clean slate, a do over, a second chance to get right what we didn’t get right the day before.  (I think that’s referred to as learning from our mistakes).  God’s mercies to us are new every morning, so hopefully our mercies to ourselves and others are as well.  What a difference that would make in our daily experience.

So, this blog is a new beginning for me.  Kind of like starting a new journal, but a little less private.  I have no idea what to expect, this is a first for me.  It is also the height of irony because I have practically zero computer skills (a friend set this up for me on my old desktop) and I am not on any social media.   This is truly like sky diving for me, or as close as I will ever get to that I’m sure.

But the beginning of anything is exhilarating and I enter into this beginning full of all the hope and anticipation that accompany any such endeavor.  I do love a good beginning.  I have already experienced today in getting this launched, a molehill, a mountain, mercy, and a miracle; all while clinging to my mustard seed of faith.  The molehill of technical difficulties turned into a mountain, which due to the mercies of my friend and neighbor, eventually yielded the miracle of this blog.  (well, its a miracle as well as a mystery to me anyway).  So,  unseen, unknown readers, you are more than welcome to share this journey with me.  I have no idea where we are going or where we will end up, but the joy is in the journey and I would be glad to share that with you.

sincerely,             Grace Day




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